Innovation and Quality

We have transformed from a small workshop at the start into a leading brand in the industry thanks to the constant efforts of our team, which is devoted to continually improving the processes and the products.

We apply the best technology to always obtain the best product and be differentiated, we rigorously select the raw material at source and we apply the best technology available to it; in addition to having a protective atmosphere, cooling and air filtration to ensure maximum asepsis, we also have traceability procedures so that we always know the location, history and tracking of a product or batch of products during the supply chain and can provide quality and service from start to end.

Our technical department controls every step of the process, researches the end consumers' concerns and, at the same time, develops new products to meet market demands. An example of this is the innovative IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) system, which maintains all the product's properties intact (taste, texture and nutritional value) and allows it to be directly used without having to defrost it so that the necessary amounts can be taken for each recipe.

As a result of this firm business determination, we now manufacture all our products WITHOUT GLUTEN and WITHOUT LACTOSE and have been certified for HALAL foods, ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS and IFS FOOD, which accredit our commitment to the INTERNATIONAL LEGISLATION on food safety.

Innovation and Quality
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