All our products are gluten-free and lactose-free

The concern for our consumers' wellbeing has always been fundamental in Blancafort Foods' philosophy.

More and more people are suffering from FOOD INTOLERANCES. According to the latest studies (NIELSEN, Sensitive Consumer, 2016), one in four households states that at least one family member suffers from intolerance to certain foods. The two most common intolerances are to GLUTEN (5% of the population) and LACTOSE (10%).

Celiac disease is an INTOLERANCE TO GLUTEN, a product which can be found in cereals (e.g. wheat). It mainly affects the intestines.

LACTOSE INTOLERANCE is a digestive problem which appears after ingesting lactose, the sugar found in milk.

Blancafort Foods thinks about people, their health and their wellbeing. Since we are aware of this problem and of the increasing demand for these types of products, we prepare all our special products in a natural way, WITHOUT GLUTEN and WITHOUT LACTOSE, and without losing an ounce of their original taste and quality.

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